Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is applicable to the use of the website, mychatri.com, and the Mychatri Application (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “services”) of M/s. Letz Dream4u Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “LCPL”). Both the website and the app are platforms for services rendered by M/s. Letz Dream4u Consultants Pvt. Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “LCPL”), a company incorporated under the Indian Companies Act, 2013 having its Office at 705, Vishal Bhawan, 95 Nehru Place, New Delhi-110019. This Privacy Policy shall come into effect from 01.11.2018.

The LCPL services provide a platform that allows companies, partnership firms, sole proprietorships, freelancers and professionals (hereinafter referred to as the “organisation”) to connect with users pursuing education in various fields of business/profession (hereinafter referred to as the “student”). It enables the organisations to extend the reach of their respective training and internship programmes to students across the globe with a view to better equip, prepare and educate them for their future endeavours. The LCPL services affords to students, an opportunity to train and/or intern with some of the leading organisations to give them hands-on experience of their vocations.

At LCPL, privacy is of utmost importance and thus, it strives to ensure that all personal data collected by way of its services are afforded the highest degree of privacy, safety and security.

Please read this Policy carefully before installing, accessing, using, registering or signing-up for LCPL services, i.e. the Mychatri Application or website, as upon doing so, the user accepts and consents to the terms below.

The use of LCPL services shall be subject to and in compliance with the Privacy Policy contained hereunder. The organisation and the student (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “user” unless specifically qualified), agrees to the present policy upon installing, accessing, using, registering or signing-up for LCPL services, either through the application or the website and the same shall be deemed to be their consent to the present policy so as to be legally binding upon them and any objection, to any term or conditions contained herein, shall be deemed to have been waived off. In case, the user does not consent to any of the terms of thispolicy, it shall refrain from installing, accessing, using, registering or signing-up for LCPL services.

1.1    Upon installation, accessing, using, registering or signing-up for LCPL services, either through the application or the website,the user consents for the purposes of collection of its personal information in terms of the GT&C, ST&C and/or as detailed hereunder and waiveoff any objection to the same.
1.2    If in case, the user does not wish for its personal information to be collected by LCPL, it shall not install, access, use, register or sign-up for its services/application/website.

2.1    At the time of installation, accessing, using, registering or signing-up for LCPL services, LCPL requestsits usersto furnish their personal information including their name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, contact information, billing information, educational details and other information.
2.2    During the use of LCPL services, either by way of application or through website, it may also collect other data/information including the user’s age, demographic location, gender, personal preferences, device preferences for accessing services, platform preferences for accessing services, IP Addresses, browser type, timelogs and device software and hardware details.
2.3    When the user uses/accesses/signs-up/registers for any third party application, website or services through LCPLservice application or website, it may also collect the information so furnished by the user in accessing, using, signing-up, or registering with the said third party.
2.4    LCPL may also collect all information linked with any third party account that the user may use for the purposes of installing, accessing, using, registering or signing-up with its service application or website. LCPL may also collect such data and information as may be shared by the user using LCPL application or website.

3.1    The above information enables LCPL to create its user’s own unique identity within its system in addition to providing the user with a more personalised experience of its services. The collected information enables LCPL to identifyuser requirements and thereby, offer its users an ever improvingservicetailored to their desires.
3.2    It also enables LCPL to fix issues that may arise upon use of its services. Such issues may involve identification and fixing of bugs. The user information equips LCPL to develop new tools and services within the services that its users subscribe to enhance their experience and to further safeguard and secure their information.

4.1    Upon installation, accessing, using, registering or signing-up for LCPL services, either through the application or the website, the user consents for the information collected to be disclosed to third partiesas stated hereunder and waive off any objection to the same.
4.2    The information collected may be disclosed and shared with such other third parties as may be employed, engaged, affiliated or partnered by LCPL for the purposes of maintenance and servicing of its service website and application, including their other associated applications, softwares, websites, sub-domains and services.
4.3    The information pertaining to student users may be shared with organisations looking to hire/employ such student users or with such other organisation users with whom a student user may choose to apply.
4.4    The information pertaining to organisation and opportunities available with them may be shared with student users on itsservice application, website and other search engines.
4.5    The information collected may be shared with third party applications and websites accessed by the user using LCPL application and website.
4.6    Disclosure may be made in case of a substantial corporate transaction such as transfer of service, merger, acquisition or in the unlikely event of bankruptcy and insolvency.
4.7    Information may also be disclosed as per law and pursuant to orders of a court or a judicial authority or upon a notice, summon, warrant or similar process by a law enforcement agency.

5.1    All information collected shall primarily be retained by LCPL except to such extent mentioned hereinabove.
5.2    The information collected shall be retained by LCPL till such time as the user continues to be registered/affiliated with the LCPL services, where after, the information shall either be deleted or de-identified from the user profile.

6.1    The user shall write to LCPL at info@mychatri.com to gain access to all their personal information collected by LCPL.
6.2    The user may add, alter, correct, change, delete or edit their information furnished at the time of accessing, using, registering or signing-up for LCPL services using the in-built service tools. The user may also write to LCPL at the above mentioned email address in case any assistance is required.

7.1    LCPL has implemented generally accepted industry standards in terms of security measures to protect user information on its service website and application. The third party payment service providers (payment gateways) are all validated as compliant with the payment card industry standard (generally referred to as PCI compliant service providers).

8.1    The application and website may contain links to content maintained by various third parties. LCPL neither controls nor guarantee the privacy policies or data safety/security measures employed such third-parties.
8.2    LCPL shall not be liable for disclosure of information caused by reasons beyond its control.
8.3    LCPL shall not be liable for disclosure or security of information that the user might upload publically using LCPL application or website.

9.1    LCPL may make such changes to its privacy policy as might be necessary from time to time and all such changes shall be effective from the date mentioned on the policy.