General Terms of Use - Student


    These General Terms Of Use (“GTU”) govern the use of the website, mychatri.com, and the Mychatri Application (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “services”) of M/s. Letz Dream4u Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “LCPL”). These GTU shall come into effect from 12.11.2018.
    The LCPL services provide a platform that allows companies, partnership firms, sole proprietorships, freelancers and professionals (hereinafter referred to as the “organisation”) to connect with users pursuing education in various fields of business/profession (hereinafter referred to as the “student”). It enables the organisations to extend the reach of their respective training and internship programs to students across the globe with a view to better equip, prepare and educate them for their future endeavours. The LCPL services affords to students, an opportunity to train and/or intern with some of the leading organisations to give them hands-on experience of their vocations.

    The use of LCPL services shall be subject to and in compliance with the terms Of Use contained hereunder. The guardian and the student (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “user” unless specifically qualified), agrees to the present General Terms Of Use upon clicking the “I Agree” button. The user, hereby, also understands and agrees that installing, accessing, using, registering or signing-up for LCPL services, either through the application or the website, shall be deemed to be their consent to the present GTU so as to be legally binding upon them and any objection, to any term or conditions contained herein, shall be deemed to have been waived off. In case, the user does not consent to any of the terms of these GTU, it shall refrain from installing, accessing, using, registering or signing-up for LCPL services.


1.1    These GTU apply to all visitors, users and others who install or access the LCPL services through application/website.
1.2    To use LCPL services the user must be legally qualified to contract under the laws of the Republic of India and must not be legally disqualified otherwise.


2.1    Users registered for the service shall enjoy a non-exclusive right to service, software and documentations along with necessary updates and enhancements, till the expiry or the cessation of services.
2.2    By registering with mychatri website and application, the users are granted a limited, non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use LCPL services and content and materials on the application/website in connection with the normal use thereof. The user shall not copy, reproduce, transmit, distribute, or create derivative works of such content or information without express written authorization from LCPL or the appropriate third party, where third party content is at issue.
2.3    User’s agreement with these GTU is a necessary condition to avail LCPL services. User acceptance of these GTU is an acceptance of these terms and Privacy Policy.


3.1    The user shall be required to fill and submit an application form containing its personal information, in such format as may be prescribed by LCPL, upon agreeing to these GTU by either clicking the “I Agree” button or by installing, accessing, using, registering or signing-up for LCPL services.
3.2    Once the form is submitted, user will get an OTP on his mobile number as entered in the form to validate his credentials.
3.3    Once registered, student can access the mychatri website using  the user ID and Password issued to them.


4.1    LCPL requests its users to furnish personal information which may include information such as name, age, gender, educational qualification, industry and contact information at the time of applying for registration.
4.2    The student user shall furnish all relevant and such other documents as may be required at the time of registration or upon request to LCPL.
4.3    The information furnished shall be true, correct and to the best of the student’s knowledge. 
4.4    The documents submitted shall be the true self attested copies of their originals.
4.5    In case the information furnished by the student is discovered to be false/ incorrect or the documents submitted are found to be forged/fabricated/incorrect, the student shall be liable for such legal and contractual consequences as may be prescribed in this regard.
4.6    The student shall be at liberty to update, alter or amend the personal information furnished by it at any time using the in-built service tools available at the website or Application. The student may write to LCPL in case of any difficulty in altering, amending or updating their information at info@mychatri.com.


5.1    The student shall not use the LCPL services for illegal purposes.
5.2    The student shall abide by all applicable local, state, national, and international laws and regulations in its use of the LCPL services, including laws of intellectual property.
5.3    The student shall not interfere with or disrupt the use and enjoyment of the application/website by other users.
5.4    The student shall not resell material on the LCPL service application/website.
5.5    The student shall not engage, directly or indirectly, in transmission of "spam", chain letters, junk mail or any other type of unsolicited communication.
5.6    The student shall not defame, harass, abuse, or disrupt other users of the service application/website.
5.7    The student shall hold the requisite qualifications and skill prescribed for the training/internship program that it may apply for.
5.8    The student shall always conduct itself in such manner as is appropriate and generally acceptable in the training/internship organisation.
5.9    The student shall comply with the rules and regulations of the organisation that it may join for training/internship, at all times.
5.10    The student shall adhere to the requirements of training/internship program that it may choose to join.
5.11    The student shall only use the private information of the organisation, offered either for applying, joining or in pursuance to the training/internship program, for such specific purpose.
5.12    The student shall use the content, whether educational, motivational, tutorial, descriptive or otherwise, available through LCPL services for their own/personal consumption and reference.
5.13    The student shall not copy, reproduce, transmit, distribute, or create derivative works of content or information available at LCPL service website or application without express written authorization from LCPL or the applicable third party (if third party content is at issue).
5.14    The student shall not share/distribute its LCPL services access ID and password.


6.1    LCPL shall share detailed information of the training and/or the internship programs being offered by the organisation in terms of the ST&C.
6.2    LCPL shall share the details/personal information of students applying for particular internship/training programs with the respective organisation.
6.3    LCPL shall endeavour to swiftly scrutinise all applications for registration received by it.
6.4    LCPL shall be entitled to charge such program fees from its student users as may be prescribed for the various training/internship programs. 
6.5    LCPL shall be entitled to make financial recoveries from its users for any amounts due and payable.
6.6    LCPL may store and publish the internship/training program information in such manner as it may deem fit and appropriate.


7.1    LCPL reserves the right to suspend or permanently disable the accounts of its users if any information, including personal information and documents, provided at the time of applying for registration are discovered to be incorrect. 
7.2    LCPL reserves the right to suspend student user account upon receipt of any complaint from its organisation users against the said user till such complaint is resolved.
7.3    LCPL reserves the right to suspend user account for non-payment or upon contravention of any term(s) of this GTU.
7.4    LCPL reserves the right to suspend user account if the user creates risk of legal exposure for LCPL or if LCPL is permitted or required to do so by law. The suspended account shall be restored once the cause for suspension is rectified to the satisfaction of LCPL. The user shall not be entitled to any benefit or services during the suspension period.


8.1    The student users shall pay such fees and other charges and on such terms, as may be mentioned in this regard in the internship/training section on www.mychatri.com, to LCPL for its services.


9.1    LCPL Privacy Policy sets out its obligations with respect to safeguarding, collection and use of personal information of its users. Users may access LCPL Privacy Policy at www.mychatri.com. 
9.2    The user agrees to LCPL Privacy Policy by either by clicking the “I Agree” below or by installing, accessing, using, registering or signing-up for LCPL services


10.1    LCPL’s entire liability, and user’s exclusive remedy, in law, in equity, or otherwise, with respect to the LCPL services and application/website content for any breach of this GTU is limited to the amount paid by the user, excluding the technology charges.
10.2    LCPL shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages in connection with this GTU or its services in any manner, including liabilities resulting from (1) the use or the inability to use the application/website content; (2) any service availed or transactions entered into through the LCPL service application/website; or (3) any loss of profits.


11.1    The LCPL services may contain third-party content, including advertisements and links to other applications/websites. LCPL is not responsible for the accuracy, veracity, timeliness, performance, completeness or suitability of the information and materials found or offered for any purpose with such third-parties. The student acknowledges that such information and materials may contain inaccuracies or errors and LCPL expressly exclude liability for any such inaccuracies or errors to the fullest extent permitted by law.
11.2    Any action for any injury or harm due to third-party content will be directly raised with the concerned third party without making LCPL a party to the said action.


12.1    The student shall be entitled to refund of course fee paid by it, technology fee is non refundable in the event of cancellation of the internship/training program in respect whereof the said program fee had been paid.
12.2    The student may seek refund of the course fee, technology fee is non refundable provided that such request for refund is made at least 7 days prior to the commencement of the internship/training program.
12.3    All refunds by LCPL to the student shall be made within a period of 30 days from the date of request for refund provided that the said refund is in terms of clause 12.1 and 12.2 above.


LCPL reserves the right to modify these Terms, and the modification shall immediately come into effect upon being posted or notifying of the same and the user undertakes to review the agreement periodically to be aware of such modifications. The user’s continued access or use of service shall operate as acknowledgment of the amended agreement and conclusive acceptance of it.


14.1    These GTU shall come into force upon completion of registration process and/or gaining access to the services provided for and shall remain in force unless the service account is deregistered by the student, permanently disabled by LCPL or upon conclusion of the services.
14.2    A student may terminate these Terms by de-registering its mychatri/service account on www.mychatri.com. By de-registering its mychatri/service account, the user absolves LCPL of any liability to provide any service, including, any balance part of the service, which remained to be fulfilled on the date of de-registering of the account.
14.3    TheseTerms shall be terminable by LCPL upon permanent disabling the user account in terms of the present GTU.
14.4    These terms shall cease to be an agreement between LCPL and the student either upon deletion of user account or upon LCPL disabling a user’s account, however, the user shall continue to be liable for any liability, payment, damages or commitment made under this GTU or the ST&C prior to such termination.


The LCPL service application/website originates from Delhi and the Courts at Delhi shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising between the parties, including any dispute arising under this Terms or the ST&C. The parties to this GTU shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of India without regard to its conflict of law principles to the contrary. 

16.    SAVINGS

In the event that this Term is terminated by either of the parties to the Agreement, the terms and provisions of Clauses 5.2, 5.3, 5.5, 5.6, 5.7, 5.8, 6.7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 15 and 16 shall remain in full force and effect.