Frequently Asked Questions For Student / Guardians

1    What is mychatri all about?

a.    mychatri is a knowledge platform (through web & app) for all budding Engineers to update their technical knowhow on latest trends & technologies in core and diversified fields.
b.    It helps the Engineering students to understand the expectation from the Industry to make them Job Ready before opting for any Internship/Training. They go by their conscious choice of career instead of general perception.
c.    The objective of this project is to inculcate the habit of relevant learning at early stage amongst the students at campus for Job Readiness.
d.    mychatri intend to prepare the budding Engineers Job Ready by the time they complete their Degree by engaging them in relevant learning of their choice at Internship/Training programs.
e.    mychatri connects the students with the Industry/Employers/Experts/Trainers defeating the geographical boundaries through various Internship and Training programs of their choice.


2    How it is helpful for me if I join mychatri?

a.    mychatri gives you an opportunity to read the relevant content of your choice in core and diversified fields.
b.    mychatri allows you to see the videos from Industry Experts, Entrepreneurs and Employers and understand the job readiness benchmarks.
c.    mychatri provides you an opportunity to explore your thoughts, potential and interest in areas which are normally not included in your regular study schedule.
d.    mychatri connects you to the Industry of your choice without having contacts for Internship and Training programs in various cities.


3    Do mychatri provide International Internship/ Training?
a.    Not now.


4    Is mychatri only website or smartphone app as well? Are the Internships/Trainings off line or available in on line mode as well?

    a.    You can access mychatri.com on web as well as download the mychatri app from Play Store on android and Apple Store on iOS.
    b.    We have both off line & on line Internship/Training programs available on mychatri. Please refer the Internship/Training details on mychatri for more details.


5    I am studying in ITI and my friend is doing Diploma. Is mychatri useful for me and can we opt for training/internship with mychatri?

a.    YES. As mentioned above, this a learning platform for all budding engineers (Degree/Diploma) and the Internship/Training programs are subject to prerequisite defined by Internship/Training companies only. Please visit mychatri website or download app for more insights.


6    What is my benefit if I refer someone?

a.    No extra benefit other than helping him/her to become Job Ready and secure a bright future.


7    Is it mandatory to get registered on mychatri to access all the information?

a.    YES


8     Is there any charge/fee for registration on mychatri?

a.    NOT at the Moment


9    Do mychatri require verification document like Aadhaar/ Voter ID/ College ID for registration?

a.    NO. It requires only a valid mobile number and a mail ID for verification and future communication on updates. However when you enrol into any Internship or Training program, you need to furnish details as per the prerequisites of the program.


10    Can I register for my friend/brother/ sister with same mobile number what I have used for my registration?

a.    NO. Every mobile will be unique for a user for customised communication and services.


11    Can I register using Email ID, I don't want to provide my mobile number?
a.    NO


12    Is there any legal agreement after registration?

a.     NO. You need to accept the terms and conditions to use the website only at the time of registration.


13    How to reset my password?

a.    There is a “Forget Password” option at the login menu, you need to use that.


14    I am not able to login, it shows account is suspended.

a.    If you have completed 365 days then you have to reregister otherwise. You have to use ‘contact us’ option and share the problem to be sorted out.


15    Can I customize my dashboard?

a.    You can edit your Profile only.


16    Can I use this app in offline mode?

a.    NO


17    What is contest on homepage? Is there any fee for this?

a.    NO. There is no fee for these contests. Only you have to register on mychatri.com


18    How to Redeem Points?

a.    There is a redeem points section after the login.
b.    You can click on it to see the list of contest played and the points earned.
c.    From this page you can click on redeem point button to see the list of Gifts available and points required to redeem the gift.
d.    If the gift point is less then your total points then only you can redeem that gift and the redeem points will be deducted from your total earned points.


19    Can I also write blogs on your portal/app?

a.    No. You can only post your comments.


20    Can I download the videos and watch in offline mode.

a.    NO. It’s not available Off Line.


21    Are there any other streams available on mychatri than Engineering? Like Commerce, Humanity, Science, Etc.

a.    Not Now.


22    Can I download relevant videos available on mychatri and play off line?

a.    NO. It can be viewed only online.


23    Can I change stream and class after registration?

a.    No. You can edit it after 1 year of your registration.


24    Do you provide any Study Material in Internship/Training programs?

a.    The study material (Articles, Videos, etc.) available on mychatri is the content we provide. Providing any study material during the Internship/Training is as per Internship/Training company’s policy and discretion.


25    How can I get link of my dream company website?

a.    Only if the company is registered with mychatri otherwise No.


26    How will I get information about Internship/ Training details of my choice?

a.    You have direct link after login to see all the  information about Internship/ Training details from companies registered with mychatri.


27    Is there any charges/ fees for Training/ Internships?

a.    All Training Programs are having fee as prescribes on the program details on mychatri.
b.    Internships are divided in three categories based on eligibility criteria as per the requirement of Internship/Training companies.
       i.    Internship with Stipend (program technology fee applicable)
       ii.    Free Internship without Stipend (program technology fee applicable)
       iii.    Paid Internship (program technology fee applicable)


28    I didn’t get the payment receipt for my training. How will I get the duplicate receipt?

a.    You can go to Booking History and get the receipts reprinted for the referred course.


29    I was told mychatri is free of cost, why I have to pay technology fee?

a.    Registration on mychatri is absolutely free at the moment. You can access the contents of mychatri after free registration. If you enrol into any Internship/Training  program on mychatri, you need to pay the technology fee which is included in total program fee against the technical services.


30    What is technology fee in Training/ Internship section?

a.    Please visit the Internship/Training program section on mychatri for details.

31    What is the refund policy in case I do not attend the training?

a.    Any refund is as per refund policy of mychatri. Please refer the Refund Policy on website/app in Internship/Training program section.


32    How to postpone a Training/ Internship?

a.    Not now. You need to cancel as the program registration as per refund policy. You need to reregister for the new program of your choice.


33    Can I carry forward my payment for any other Training/ Internship?

a.    Not now.


34    What are the modes of payment? Can I pay Cash once I visit the Internship/Training site?

a.    It’s only online payment through mychatri. We don’t accept cash for any of our services.


35    Will I get a refund in case I do not like the training/ internship or leave the training/ internship in middle?

a.    Any refund is as per refund policy of mychatri. Please refer the Refund Policy on website/app in Internship/Training program section.


36    Will I get a certificate by the end of the Training or Internship?

a.    It will be issued by the training/Internship companies depending on their T&C.


37    After attending some classes if I am not comfortable with the training, can I ask to change the batch or apply refund?

a.    Once you start the training program of your choice on mychatri after making required payment, the change of batch or refund will be as per the policies of training company. mychatri is nothing to do into this case.


38    What are the documents required at the time of Training/Internship?

a.    It will be mentioned in prerequisite of Internship/Training program you opt for.


39    Is there any age limit for applying for Training/Internship?

a.    It will be mentioned in prerequisite of Internship/Training program you opt for.


40    Internship is not available at my location? What should I do?

a.    Internships are available in selected cities only. Please refer the Internship detail for nearest city of your choice.


41    If the Internship/Training company is not providing certificate, will you provide?

a.    NO. Certificates will be provided by the Internship/Training companies only.


42    How many companies can I apply at one time for Internship?

a.    All the terms and conditions of Internship is already mentioned on mychatri. You can select any of them as per your choice.


43    My reward points are incorrect. How to get them corrected?

a.    Go to ‘Contact Us’ option and send a request regarding the same.


44    How can I see the payment history?

a.    You can go to Booking History and get the details of your payments.


45    How to update the Profile/ Email ID/ Phone number/ Address?

a.    You can edit through ‘my profile’ option available on dashboard after your login.


46    How to re-register after my subscription expired?

a.    Go to ‘Contact Us’ option and send a request regarding the same.


47    Are there any charges to re-register?

a.    NO. It’s Free at the moment.


48    How to delete the account with mychatri?

a.    No. You can’t delete your account but it will be suspended if you don’t re-register after the academic session.


49    How to opt out of Email Notification?

a.    No options.


50    What will be the validity of the program in wish list section?

a.    The program in wish list section will be valid till the commencement of the program.


51    What type of contest you are offering? And eligibility?

a.    We are offering contests for different streams of Engineering students.


52    How can I earn points in contests and use it further?

a.    After login you can play the contest.
b.    Each correct answer is having 1 point to earn.
c.    You will only earn the points if you have successfully submitted the contest.
d.    In case you left the contest in between or the contest time gets over then you would not be able to play the same contest again and based on the provided answers in between you will earn the points accordingly.


53    I did 4 internship from mychatri. Will you keep any record if I want to see it later for reference?

a.    Yes. You can find it out through your Booking History.

54    Can I save any topic, article, blog, video for future reference?

a.    No.

55    Does mychatri provides any job guarantee in its internship programmes?

a.    NO. Job or Pre Placement is a discretion of Internship Company as per their policy. Best candidates will certainly ensure a possibility of Job.

56   How many internships are necessary in order to get a good job?

a.    Getting a Good Job is all about Job Readiness. You need to be Job ready as per Industry requirements. There is no limitation for Internship attempts.

57   I am a B Tech. Final year student. Does mychatri provide assistance to project work?

 a.    YES. The training companies also undertake projects through various live Internship programs.

58  Does any company is associated with mychatri that is providing internship by the mode of simulators?

a.    YES