IT and CS

As the world is becoming compact with an unprecedented rise of digital technologies, the Computer Science and Information Technology (CS&IT) engineers are here to add value to the system. A computer engineer specializes in the theory of computation and the design of computational systems like analysis of algorithms, programming languages, program design, software and computer hardware. This program is based on the fundamentals of mathematics that involves programming languages, software development and testing, networking etc. This branch of engineering helps students to works with the goal to apply knowledge of computing sciences for solving problems. Here, they are taught to develop critical reasoning and complex problem solving abilities that help them in all walks of life. Thanks to the software and IT boom around the globe in the past two decades. The world can’t live without technology anymore and the advent of robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has given a boost to the demand of CS & IT engineers. This increasing demand for new technology, dependence on mobile and wireless networks, and increasing challenges with cyber security has presented immense opportunities for young talents. Among engineering branches, CS&IT is all set to grow in an unparalleled manner in the coming years and thus presents the maximum job opportunities for aspirants not restricting to geographical boundaries. It involves jobs such as Software Tester, Project Manager, Application Developer, Systems Administrator, Business Analyst/Systems Analyst, Network Engineer/System Engineer, Technical Support Specialist, Programmer/Analyst, Data Architect, Database Developer, Quality Assurance Associate, Mobile Applications Developer, UI/UX Designer and others. In past few years, the demand for Computer Science engineers has grown rapidly across verticals and not only limiting it to the IT industry. One can explore opportunities in other diverse fields such as banking, electronics, biology, chemistry, medicine and healthcare etc. CS&IT offers plenty of opportunities for the fresh graduates. Although, it require certain extra skills to be job ready and relevant in the industry.   

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