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Unlocking the Power of Potential


, an initiative by LCPL (Letz Dream4u Consultants Pvt. Ltd.) a company driven by professionals working with a vision to make a tangible impact when it comes to nurturing skills in a positive and meaningful manner. We are a team of entrepreneurs with a diversified experience in Education, Computer, Automation, Electrical and various other domains. Our mission is to enhance capabilities and inspire growth opportunities through innovative ideas amongst students.

MyChatri’s ‘Skill Connect’ project is a knowledge based programme which offer students to interact with the industry experts directly. We thrive to compliment the skills of students with industry insights through interactive videos, latest industry articles, information about upcoming webinars and seminars relevant to the students’ choice of industry. This unique programme makes a mutual fit for the students, corporate/companies and trainers and provides a platform to access current & relevant information, training details and subsequent placement opportunity.

Our focus is to make a pragmatic shift in the thought process of the students and prepare them for a brighter and better future with long term career growth. Our technology based approach aims to revolutionize the relevance of Human Resources within the industry.

MyChatri comprehends with the demand of dynamic industry and offer palpable solutions to aspirants to help them mould their future. We emphasize on all round development of students by imparting the wave of next generation technological advancements and making them truly EDUCATED (in terms of making them future ready with new age technological knowledge).

MyChatri also presents an excellent opportunity for companies, corporate and trainers to connect with the skilled aspirants to present them internship or training opportunity.